Ffuae Action Plan

Rice Transformation In Nigeria


Self sufficiency in rice production and complete substitution of imported rice by year 2019.


  • Support and develop a vibrant rice value chain that will attract investments for locally produced rice.

  • Raise rice production level from current 3.3 million MT to 6 million MT per year to remove the shortfall between demand and production by year 2019.

  • Raise the quality of locally produced rice for international standards.


  • Organize farmers into cluster groups to aggregate them for support, seeds and other inputs as well as markets.

  • Identify clusters of lowland and irrigated lowland rice ecologies in the selected states.


  • Food security resulting from doubling of rice production from 3MT/ha to 6.0 MT/ha

  • Income growth and poverty reduction for rice farmers.

  • Generation of additional 500,000 jobs in the rural area.

Cassava Transformation In Nigeria


To increase income by at least US$400 every year in 1.8 million farm families and to add a million jobs to the cassava sub –sector in Nigeria through a doubling of production,processing,and marketing of cassava growing belt of Nigeria over a period of four years.


  • Support and raise productivity through the demonstration and adoption of improved production strategies by clusters of farmers.

  • Continually monitor and evaluate progress to identify the most promising interventions for continuous improvement of strategies to reach the end goal.

  • Support and build around farm clusters market institutions for the long term sustainable development.


  • A doubling of average cassava productivity from 12 to 25 ton/ha in target clusters in 2019.

  • To establish a Strong market institutions for long term sustainability of the cassava sub-sector.

  • Strong value added chains of starch, HQCF, sweeteners, dried chips, high quality garri, and fuel ethanol in Nigeria.